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  1. To increase your Coin In
  2. To decrease the amount of labor required to manage customer relations and rewards
  3. To increase customer satisfaction
  4. To reward the correct clients and build their loyalty
  5. To give your casino a bright, modern, attractive look
  6. To save you money in the process


  1. Works Side by Side with your existing system
  2. Allows your customers to Self-Comp at the slot
  3. Give your customers the appealing Avanti Interface to the casino and its services
  4. To help your customers achieve goals through Reward Thermometers, pushing up the Casino’s Coin In
  5. To allow your customers to accumulate points in various different buckets (see PROMOTIONS)
  6. Bonus Groups to bonus certain groups of players at certain times.
  7. To allow your customer to order F&B and services from Menu at the Slot

Side by Side

The most unique feature of Side by Side is it lets you keep your existing slot accounting and TITO systems. You’re happy with them, you’ve paid for them, why not use them?

It is your player tracking that’s holding you back from what your casino could be, but buying the next version from your existing supplier is just too expensive.

The good news is, you don’t have to. Side by Side handles your player tracking, marketing and rewards systems at an affordable price and with technology that will wow both your customers and your Marketing department.


Today’s customers want to be in charge of their rewards. Self-Comp allows your customers to access their points accounts and draw the amounts they want for play on their favorite slots of to request drinks, meals and other rewards.

This means the customer gets more flexibility and you save on labor.

Avanti Interface

Avanti is a fully customizable animation platform with touch screen. Avanti animates pictures and movies giving your Marketing Department full control over the look and feel of the casino. Avanti allows the Marketing department to switch themes as simply as placing new content in a directory. Go from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year to Valentine’s day easily and seamlessly.

Reward Thermometers

Reward Thermometers accumulate points to a thermometer bar. As the bar moves forward the customer becomes eligible for specific rewards. If the customer orders the reward (say a drink) then this is deducted from their thermometer.

Reward Thermometers have the effect of “climbing the mountain because it is there”. Customers strive for the next reward, increasing the casino’s coin in. The other benefit is that rewards are controlled. The customer must wager enough to reach the reward points and the reward value is deducted when consumed.

Reward thermometers can be based on the customer’s slot points or on a special comp account. This allows the casino to reward the player with downloadable credits as well as other, earnable benefits.

Any way the Reward Thermometer is configured you have create incentives for your customer to play and you have control of your expenses.

Bonus Groups

Nothing builds loyalty like getting a group of friends together and showing them a good time. Target specific groups of players with extra rewards available only to them during specific time periods. Whether you reward by customer tier or by group affiliation you can be sure your most valued customers know they are appreciated, and will keep coming back

Menu at The Slot

Used in combination with reward Thermometers or as a stand-alone menu, Menu at the Slot gives your customers the ability to request items directly from the slot. This includes F&B, special items, Valet and special services. The dispatch system routes the request to the proper employee to carry out the taks.


Christmas Bonus

You create a points bucket during September, October and November and allow the customer to withdraw the amount, as downloadable credits or as cash, during the month of December. The magic is that they have to visit the casino … in December!

Cashless Reward Audit Reports

Player Activity Report

Shows all player activity in a given period (cashless activity summarized by customer)

Machine Activity Report

Shows all machine activity in a given period (cashless activity summarized by machine)

Cashless Detail Report

Shows the detail of all cashless transactions in a given period

Credits Issued and Expired Report

Shows detail of all player tracking transactions including earnings, usage and expiration of points

Types of Credits

There are 3 types of downloadable credits:

1) Cashable: These are fully cashable points which are generally used in a completely cashless system. Casinfo is designed to work side by side with an existing TITO system, so in Side by Side these credits are generally handled by TITO (note: casinfo can be fully cashless, replacing TITO if desired)

2) Restricted: These credits can be downloaded to the machine but cannot be cashed out. They must be played through. Any winnings based on restricted wagers are cashable by the customer. In TITO installations these are paid by the TITO system. Restricted credits are ideal if the objective is to have the customer play through the reward.

3) Non-Restricted: These are cashable but are their own special category so they can be identified as coming from the player tracking system. Suitable for jurisdictions or casinos that want to reward the customer with downloadable credits they can easily convert to cash if desired.