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We are an emerging company in the Gaming Industry with a solid technological foundations. Casinfo has been serving the Gaming industry for 10 years and is installed in more than 100 gaming operations. We have a variety of modular systems that meet the needs and budgets of our clients.

Casinfo uses 21st century technology to offer our customers quality products that will enhance their operations and make them more profitable. Casinfo's systems are full featured and affordably priced, especially for smaller casinos. Our modular approach to system construction allows us to provide the casino with the correct mix of functionality and the ability to add functionality as the operation grows. Our main objective is to provide useful and affordable tools for small and medium sized gaming operations.

Islot: Casino Gaming on an Ipad Platform!

Visit the iSlot website to get more information about this product and view exclusive videos for this new gaming device platform.

People playing islot Slidways iSlot Game

Casinfo Islot Department: http://casinfo.oleg.red/