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Provides detailed information to accounting, audit and management about each slot machine. makes auditing easy.

Events - Every event the slot machine reports is stored in detail with the actual soft meters of the machine and card number (if any).

The soft meters are directly comparable to the actual machine meters so audit is easy.

The meters stored are:

  • Coin In
  • Coin Out
  • Jackpots
  • Cancelled Credits
  • Coin Drop
  • Games
  • Bill Meters (individual bill denoms or total)
  • Vouchers In (or Cashless Funds In) (Cashable, Restricted, Non-Restricted)
  • Vouchers out (or Cashless Funds Out) (Cashable, Restricted, Non-Restricted)

There is automatic rollover detection and RAM clear adjustment procedures are easy to implement.

Jackpots, Handpays and Fills - Every money transaction is stored in detail including when the transaction was requested by the slot, who approved it and when, what cashier processed it and when. When the transaction completed at the slot.

Tickets - Tickets issued and redeemed by specific machine.

Cashless Transactions - Cashless transactions accepted by machine and funds returned to player accounts by machine.

Meter Readings - machine meters for machines that cannot communicate or are temporarily unable to communicate can easily be input into the Casinfo system so the non-communicating slot can be processed just as a communicating slot is.

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